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The Parent Community Sports Trust was in Glasgow on November 6th and 7th for the 3rd Transnational Project Meeting of ANTIDOPING Green Seal.

ANTIDOPING Green Seal is a Project co-funded by the Erasmus Plus Programme, Key Action Sport, bringing together six partners from Belgium, Croatia, Italy, Poland, Spain and the UK.

The Project aims at enhancing understanding and awareness of the negative implications of doping in recreational sports. As such, ANTIDOPING Green Seal fills a gap as most anti-doping campaigns and activities are often targeted at athletes involved in professional and competitive sports.

The Consortium developed tailor-made tools for doping prevention in recreational areas, to be spread across Europe to prevent unhealthy behaviours of non-professional athletes and to raise awareness on doping use and its harmfulness.

The main target group of the Project are young people in recreational sport settings, and tools were defined and developed according to the accurate evidence-based assessment (both primary and secondary research) carried out until June 2018. The Project ensure a bottom-up approach and will produce outcomes fully relevant and consistent with the actual needs of the target group.

During the meeting Partners presented tools for doping prevention in recreational settings, sharing ideas and brainstorming on how to deliver them to the target group and how to collect feedbacks for further fine-tuning.

The meeting also represented a unique opportunity to take stock of Project implementation and to plan next steps and actions. Great importance was given to the organisation of the Multiplier Sport Event in Brussels on April 2019, where Partners will try to involve representatives of policy makers at EU level, large sport federations, anti-doping organisations, sport organisations and stakeholders.

PCST are a charity who provide a community sports club in Glasgow, also known as Broomhill Sports Club. The Club is inclusive and open to all and offers sport to more than 700 children and young adults.

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