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  1. Define a consistent and agreed understanding of which doping substances are used in the context of recreational sport.
  2. Establish an evidence-based assessment of the problem:
    • Identify the causes of the use of doping among youngsters.
    • Define barriers and measures to prevent doping among young people.
    • Identify and collect information about preventive programmes and initiatives in the countries of the participating organisations of the project.
    • Design a database of the good practice in the field of the doping prevention in recreational sports environments.
  3. Develop the comprehensive preventive programme to conduct a raising-awareness campaign in six European countries: Spain, Poland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy and Croatia.
  4. Establishment of the Ethical Code and the granting of the Green Seal to recreational sports settings committed with the rules of the ethical code. The European network of “Green”, free of doping sports centres.


ransnational project meetings
  1. Early 2018, Rome Italy.
    Kick off meeting of the committee experts and steering committee to define objectives and methodology to carry out the study of needs, barriers, and preventive measures to avoid doping.
  2. Mid 2018, Warszawa, Poland.
    Meeting of the committee experts to the basic principles of the development of methodology and tools for doping and agreement on the key elements for the preparation of the pilot preventive actions in each country.
  3. End of 2018, Glasgow United Kingdom.
    Meeting of the committee experts in order to agree on the final work plan for pilots actions and to have direct feedback by stakeholders.
  4. Mid 2019, Bruxelles, Belgium.
    Meeting of the committee experts coinciding with multiplier Sport event for dissemination Ethical Code green Seal.
  5. End of 2019, Madrid, Spain.
    Meeting of the committee experts and Steering committee coinciding with multiplier Sport Event for dissemination guidelines “Doping is about everyone”.


ain activities
  1. Analysis of Doping among the young Non-Athletes and related Ethical-social and health issues through an exchange of experiences and best practices in EU in the fight against doping in recreational sports and a set of recommendations and an analysis and Surveys in recreational sport such as the causes, preventive measures and key barriers.
  2. Development of Taylor-made tools for doping prevention in the recreational Areas.
  3. Pilot project implementation and validation of the methodology.
  4. Project communication and dissemination.
  5. Management, monitoring and evaluation of the project.


ntellectual outputs
  1. Analyses and surveys about doping in recreational Sport.
  2. On line Platform for develop the preventive programme for antidoging outside of elite and competitive sporting systems.
  3. Creation of the Ethical Code “ Green Seal”.
  4. Guidelines “Doping is about everyone”.